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Giclee On Canvas

Giclee Print

8x10 In.

Minimalist Framed (Chocolate color)

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"Unveil the enigmatic and thought-provoking world of artistic expression with MISERERE, an extraordinary painting that pushes the boundaries of perception and sparks the imagination
""Have mercy, have pity on me, the Heart and Mind implore when the pain has overwhelmed us. The Ego, the personality tired of suffering, entrusts itself to the Supreme Being, surrenders, and submits to the Divine Will. And so, in an instant, the Ego, the cause of suffering, is consumed by the Divine fire of Supreme Consciousness, leaving behind only indescribable Peace and Love.""
-Fidel Garcia"

Original Painted Canvas

8x10" 100% Cotton Art Paper Giclee

Giclee Print On Canvas