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Previous Events

Javits Center - New York 2004

Javits Center - New York 2004

Phillips Gallery - San José, California 2003

Krauss Masterpiece Gallery 2008

Miranda Show - Laguna Beach, California 2008-2010

New York Exhibitions - New York 2007-2008

Televisa Interview - México 2003

Monsoon Gallery - Bethlehem, PA. 2004

Tv. Azteca Interview - México 2004

Fidel Garía Gallery Inauguration México, Puebla 2004

Tv. Azteca Interview- México, Puebla 2005

Galería de Palacio Municipal - México, Puebla 2023

Cataloged as "Figurative Expressionist" his paintings mix figurative realism with abstract expressionism, fusing the physical with the spiritual, the physical with the metaphysical, reality with fantasy, which makes up his own unique style. For master García, each painting represents a spiritual journey.

"We are all artists, those of us who wield the brush, the pencil, gouge or chisel and those who contemplate works and see themselves reflected in them in some sense, because without the spectator, the works have not yet been born"

-Fidel García